Mom of bride – the caretaker of Sarah Cook, the 13-year-old who married A turkish waiter, could face questioning by prosecutors after Sarah’s 18-year-old spouse ended up being faced with statutory rape and kidnap.

Officials into the city of Kahramanmaras, south-east Turkey, told the Independent yesterday evening that they might charge Jackie Cook, 37, with motivating Musa Komeagae to commit the offense against her child.

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The news headlines arrived whilst the complete consequences associated with the Cooks’ choice to permit Sarah to marry at 13 arrived house to roost with startling fury. First, Sarah ended up being forced to go through a “virginity test” at A turkish medical center while the news waited for the outcomes, then Musa ended up being arrested and faced with statutory rape, kidnap and “running away with a lady under 15″. He could face as much as 5 years in jail.

Then, while Mrs Cook and her spouse Adrian, 42, of Braintree, Essex, were summoned to a gathering using the area’s youngster security product – and even though Sarah had been telling journalists she planned to possess a child because of the full time she ended up being 14 – Turkish prosecutors switched the limelight on Mrs Cook.

One prosecutor, whom declined become identified, stated: “we’re considering pushing costs resistant to the mother, because her support is just an unlawful offense.”

Talking about a spiritual ceremony in that the few participated a couple of weeks ago, the prosecutor proceeded: “Sarah and Musa aren’t precisely hitched, neither in Turkish legislation, nor by Islamic legislation. They usually have not had a suitable Imam Nikah wedding religious ceremony|ceremony that isreligious. There was clearly no Imam whom performed it. We now have arrested the child. He can remain here before the test begins, perhaps the next ukrainian mail order brides day”

He said Musa, who was simply acquired by police early faced charges of “breaking the girl’s virginity”, running away with a girl of under 15 years of age and kidnap yesterday.

“no matter he said whether she agreed to the relationship or not: this is statutory rape in Turkey as in England. “The child could be released once the instance begins into the serious crimes court, particularly if the two have appropriate Imam Nikah wedding while the families reveal their contract.”

There clearly was no reaction through the Cooks yesterday evening. They’ve been paid significantly more than pounds 20,000 because of sunlight due to their tale and now have been insisting through its pages they have done the right thing by their child.

The everyday Mirror reported yesterday that Mr Cook had approached it and reported he previously been provided pounds 20,000 for the story. He could be reported to own stated: “Whenever you can top that, you could have it.”

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Meanwhile, Sarah had been quoted under the Sun as saying of her wedding: “we had been both virgins once we had intercourse for the time that is first. Now we can not keep our fingers off one another and rest together on a regular basis. Often at evening, as soon as we need to share a space with Musa’s cousin and cousin, we hold back until they’ve been fast asleep before jumping all over one another.”

Sarah, a student at Tabor senior school, Braintree, came across Musa while on vacation in Alanya whenever she ended up being only 12. fourteen days ago, the Cooks travelled to Turkey and offered their blessing to your “marriage”.

Yesterday evening, with Musa being held in jail, Sarah ended up being plainly unhappy. This woman is surviving in a cellar flat with Musa’s family members in a run-down element of city. She’s reported to be getting no scholarly training and it is likely to do chores from 8am until 5pm.

Trudie Pak, the Uk vice consul in Ankara, talked to Sarah twice yesterday and stated she ended up being “fine” but was indeed upset after talking to her mom from the phone.

“Sarah ended up being clinically analyzed at a regional medical center to establish that intercourse had occurred, otherwise no offense might have occurred,” she said.

Last Mr and Mrs Cook were reported to be en route to see Sarah in Turkey night.

Partners need to be 18 before they are able to marry in Turkey. The age limit can be dropped to 17 for boys and 15 for girls with parental consent. With parental consent and an unique dispensation from a judge, girls could be hitched at 14, but there is however no supply for a wedding at 13.

Yesterday, before Musa had been arrested, the Turkish channel that is national revealed photos for the couple posing for the news. Sarah stated defiantly: “we’re happy and he is loved by me quite definitely.”

A while later, she ended up being taken up to medical center on her virginity test, the link between that have been read aloud to reporters while Sarah sat together with her mind bowed.

Explaining the incident to Turks nationwide, ATV’s anchorman, Ali Kirca, stated: “Sarah had been submitted up to a test that includes triggered therefore anguish that is much a lot of suicides among girls.”

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